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Sudoku syndication

Sudoku for your publication

Would you like to give the readers of your magazine, newspaper or leaflet the opportunity to solve sudoku? It's very easy with us!

Our sudoku

Of course our sudoku meets all the criteria of a good sudoku puzzle:
  • It has only one solution;
  • It is symmetric (either reflection of rotational);
  • It has less than 35 predetermined numbers.
We provide wide range of difficulties: 7 cathegories from beginner's up to the diabolical.

What will the sudoku look like?

Here are few templates we commonly use:
Personalized design
We can edit our templates so that they meet your requirements: e.g. adjust the size, font, description, colours or arrangement.

How we deliver our sudoku

We can send you the final PDF file via email.


The price for orders of < 50 pieces is about 6 Eur per puzzle. We gave a special offer for large newspapers who will print our puzzles regularily: we offer sudoku puzzles free of charge in exchange for promotion of our website.


Vltava-Labe-Press, a.s
Czech newspapers print three of our puzzles every day in the circulation of 200.000.


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Expected circulation:
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